Who knows where the time goes – Exploring Ageing – for all ages

We all age. Usually we notice our bodies as we lose the energy, flexibility and inner energy of our youth. But we can also give up and let go off the drive to live and settle into auto-pilot mode. In the distance mortality knocks on our awareness calling us to our deepest self. As our youthful sense of eternity fades what calls us in our lives? How can the most disturbing aspects of ageing become a liberation or doorway into a new experience of life and living?

In this morning workshop we will explore through movement, sharing and inner work how we relate to our own ageing using Process Work (POP).

August 12th. 9am -12.30. Cost: £10-20. Location: Sunshine Room. Contact: Peter Lloyd email: ptlloyd (at) gmail.com 01309 690665. 

Peter Lloyd is an advanced student of Process Work (POP) in UK. He is an Interfaith minister, Findhorn Fellow and former editor of Positive News Hong Kong.

Sarena offers regular 5Rhythms® and Open Floor drop-in classes in Edinburgh. She is an advanced student of Process Work incorporating elements from 5Rhythms and Open Floor. She is a Publisher and co-founder of Handspring Publishing.

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