Therapy Testimonials

“Some years ago, I went through a period of unbearable grief, following the passing of a close relation, and realized that I needed help to come to terms with my loss. Through friends I was introduced to Peter who immediately had a positive impact. He gracefully supports me in taking the time to “sit” with it and guide me through all the delicate emotions that come to the surface. For that alone I will forever be grateful to Peter. Peter is also very skilled at portraying the social and cultural framework of one’s individual’s existence and during each session Peter helps me to chart my individual progress within the shifting sand of human evolution.”

Prisca Walcher Davidson, Hong Kong/Switzerland

“Peter very skilfully guided me to a place where I could deal with deep life issues and processes, areas where I was stuck and feeling real disturbance in my life. I was surprised with both the mental clarity and cathartic resolution i felt during and after the sessions, helping me to move on with my life in a more authentic and connected way”.

S.G. Scotland.

“Peter has assisted me through major upheavals in my life. I value his skills as a therapist, his friendly and approachable manner and depth, through his own life experience, study and practice. I thoroughly recommend Peter as a therapist who can companion others through the tough terrain of life’s ups and downs. His expertise with those who face depression and relationship issues is something for which I will always be indebted.”

T.S. Australia