Rank and Rank awareness

Welcome to an evening to explore and learn about Rank and Rank Awareness.
We all have different ranks depending on context, social factors such as gender, sexual orientation, income, class amongst many. This will be an evening to learn about rank as theory and practice. We all live in a world of often shifting privileges and struggles in our lives and knowing where we have eases helps to open our hearts to others. As well as being very individual rank can also help understand larger collective issues all the way from village politics to global power issues. To be blunt unconscious rank creates resentment so understanding our own privilege has helped me understand conflicts i am more.

Peter Lloyd is an Advanced student of Process Oriented Psychology in the UK. He is also an interfaith minister, Findhorn Fellow and founding editor of Positive News Hong Kong.

Wednesday February 22. 7.30-9.30pm. Sunshine Room, East Whins. cost by donation.
For more info: w: www.peterlloydpsychotherapy.com e: ptlloyd65 (at) gmail.com t: 01309 690665 m: 07516116443

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