Pre-wedding Counselling

Marriage as a Path

Additional sessions deepening into the new world of being a married couple.

For some couples it is the ceremony that will mark the transition into their new life of marriage. For others though it is useful to deepen and explore some of the unknowns around what the wedding will bring up. If this interests you we have 4 separate meetings where we explore deeper just what marriage will bring. The commitment to each other provides a platform for exploring not just how the two of you relate but also our past issues and how they may affect the union, how our belief systems about partnership will become more apparent in married life, what is your relationship myth, meaning, what is the unique story of what brought you together and how could that affect your daily life. If you consider that marriage is your spiritual path, then what are the ingredients, what is the work, how is it applied to be on this path? These sessions are an opportunity to get to learn more about yourself, your partner and your relationship that daily life may not have thrown up.

Pre-wedding Counselling

  1. The first session explores your mythic connection, what drew you to each other, what was unusual and important. Do you have a shared movie or book or history? Is there healing needed from previous relationships? What unique family history do you have that your partner may need to deeply understand you fully?
  2. What are your hopes and fears in being together? Are there things you feel you can not talk about? What is your intention in marrying? How does your inspiration mix with practical daily life, how does your essence emerge in the union and how do you honour yourself and each other? How do your cultural and family history differences become known and respected? How are you each best heard by the other?
  3. What are your values and where are they similar and different? Kids – do you want them, Do you have previous children, what values do you want them brought up with? What are your presumptions about money and sharing?
  4. What are your vows to each other? What is your spoken and unspoken contract to your life together? This includes hot topics such as monogamy and sexuality; and seemingly superficial ones like cleaning. What to do if heaven forbid your marriage hits a crisis, can you for instance agree on marriage counseling.

For 4 sessions the cost will be HK$3000. Feel free to email or call for more information about this level of deepening for your marriage.