Pink or Blue: A Gender Agenda?

An exploration of gender from a deep democracy point of view
with Lisa Foale & Peter Lloyd.

Welcome to an evening exploring gender. Is there such a thing as masculinity? Or femininity? If so what are those male or female qualities? How are we affected by them? Are they universal? Are we programmed to behave as our perceived idea of how our gender behaves? There can be so much pressure on us whether cultural or internalized within us to be a certain way, to emote in certain ways, to relate to anger or sensitivity in a particular fashion, that sometimes we can miss our own nature.

“Gender uncertainty opens up a world of human experience not male experience or female experience. It means as humans we are unlimited in our capacity and interest in being whole, not being split in a gender category that defines us..” Dawn Menken PhD ‘Raising Parents: Raising Kids’.

This discussion will be facilitated from the Processwork paradigm.

VENUE: Avalon@Highwick (11 Highwick Avenue, Claremont)
DATE: Sunday 28th January
TIME: 6-8pm (Arrival anytime from 5:30pm onwards)

Lisa Foale has completed an MA in Process Oriented Facilitation and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Training at the Processwork Institute in Portland. She is intrigued by this subject both personally and collectively and is curious to hear and learn from other people’s perspectives. She is inspired to facilitate processes with deep care and in service of the process itself.

Contact: c. 073 5224068 e.

Peter Lloyd is an advanced student of Process Work, a Findhorn Fellow and interfaith minister. Relationships, gender and sexuality are areas where I have struggled, learnt and grown with personally as a therapist and continue to do so.

For more info: m +44-7516116443  e –

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