Ministry Testimonials

“Gary and I were thrilled when Peter accepted our request for him to be Celebrant at our Civil Union in Hong Kong. From the very beginning he was totally committed to making this event the most wonderful day of our lives. His unerring guidance on the spiritual side; the vows, the poems, the emotional element of the ceremony, coupled with the practical elements; music, seating, flower girl coordination etc – all those often overlooked bits that can make or break the special day, were executed with professional ease and grace that was truly inspiring, and all with joy and lightness. I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter for any Civil Union celebration.”

David Pope and Gary Lee

“Dear Peter,
you were great and we truly appreciate your comprehension of our needs and wants for the ceremony it was a fabulous day and we sincerely thank you again.”

Lok Lau and Cynthia Swanson

“Hi Peter,
Once again, thank you so much. The day was everything we dreamt it would be and then some!”

Susan and Michael Sandberg

“We cannot express how delighted we were with the service you provided.  The bespoke wedding service itself, the way you conducted the marriage and the effort you made to meet with us in England, it really was a pleasure to have you marry us. So thank you!”

James and Hayley Turnbull

“Dear Peter,
We would like to thank you for helping make our day so special. The ceremony brought grown men close to tears, we’ve heard it said … Seriously, your words, prayers and guidance helped create an occasion that was spiritual, and through which we could express our heartfelt feelings for each other, without being in any way sugary or sentimental.
All the very best.”

Paul and Cora Buck

“Peter Lloyd was very much part of the journey we embarked upon together in the months leading up to our wedding day. By gently guiding us through the questions we needed to ask of ourselves and of each other, we reached a deeper understanding of our love and commitment.

Our wedding ceremony was moving in its purity and simplicity and we have emerged from our experience spiritually changed and feeling that we really did get  married. We have Peter to thank for making our union meaningful, sincere and very personal.”
Mr & Mrs Clarke

“‘Sincere’ is the most common word that I have heard about our wedding ceremony. ‘Sincere’ in the way it was delivered, ‘sincere’ in the way it was expressed. ‘Sincere’ also explains Peter’s approach to the whole event. In a no-nonsense way, Peter helped us to carve out the foundations of our ceremony and to discover in each other what we wanted to celebrate on our day. We are so happy that we were chose Peter to be our celebrant. He is genuine and spiritual and really helped to guide us on our wedding day.”

Bill McQueen and Sally London

“One of the many great blessings of my life is that, having been born and brought up in two highly diverse multicultural societies (Malaysia and Hong Kong), I was exposed and introduced to a wide range of spiritual and religious traditions from a very early age. Also, as both Laurence and I have participated in, organized and conducted a variety of group events, spiritual group work, ritual and ceremony over the years, it made sense for us to celebrate our marriage with something all-embracing and highly personalized. We had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted for our wedding, and a clear intention for the purpose and meaning of the ritual and what we wanted to provide for ourselves and our guests—the energies we wanted to invoke and evoke before, during and after the ceremony; the readings, poems, music and elements we specifically wanted to include; the tenor and flavour of the service. But how we were going to achieve those visions and intentions in Hong Kong, we did not know…

We were therefore most delighted when we discovered that our friend Peter Lloyd would have completed his training as an Interfaith Minister and would have been fully ordained by the date of our wedding.

The Interfaith structure provided us with the perfect model into which we could weave all the elements that we wanted for our ceremony, as well as suggesting other elements that we were able to take and make our own. To be able to write our own script, craft our own vows and choose our own readings and rituals, as best suited us as individuals and as a couple, was an enormous gift. The Interfaith Spiritual Blessing service allowed us the freedom we needed to be, do and share what was most true for us.

Peter’s support and guidance throughout the run up to the wedding was invaluable to us. Peter’s ministering during the spiritual blessing ceremony was performed with heart, panache and professional depth, enabling us to truly receive the spiritual blessing he was offering, as well as enabling us to share the love, joy and gratitude with our family and close friends in attendance. It was a truly magical, memorable and momentous occasion.

For anyone who wants a blessing ceremony to mark any of those major rites of passage in our lives as human beings, with the freedom and flow to encompass far more than just the traditional or conventional, with an individual flavour and stamp, I highly recommend the Interfaith structure, and I highly recommend Peter to hold the energies and support you in whatever it is you wish to evoke.”

Carey Vail (aka Mrs Lucas)

“Like the good husband that I am, I can only add to what Carey has already said by stating that it is not insignificant to say that Peter looks the part in his pastoral Interfaith attire—his height and his manner and he sounds the part too. I think Peter was born to this role; it sits right in him and he comes from his heart…. for sure I recommend you get married with Peter as your minister.”

Laurence James Lucas

“My wife and I grew up Catholic but have drifted away from the church. I wanted our son to be initiated in the spirit (and, to be honest, assuage his grandparents concern about his soul) but did not want to do it within the Catholic Church and its belief in original sin.

And yet, I felt something was missing between the joy of his arrival and the typical new-parent difficulties of 3 a.m. feedings, healthcare paranoia and baby-cry detective work (is he hungry? Sleepy? In Pain?)

By his seventh month we felt it was time for his initiation into the Spirit, and we chose Peter and his Interfaith work because its openness seemed to match our natural inclinations against any one strict dogma.

Peter met with us several times, helped us draft our ceremony, raised questions and practical concerns we never thought of (and were grateful for the day of the event). We were able to incorporate traditions that were comfortable for us, make space for relatives who were only there in spirit, and design an event that would be comfortable at our home.

The result was a gorgeous day and an emotionally powerful event for our family and our guests. For me, it completed our journey as “new” parents  – it was a statement of purpose, a bow of gratitude toward creation, an acknowledgment of our holy sense of responsibility. It was an important first ritual for our son as a member of the community and the world of the Spirit.

The event can be viewed here:

And part two here:
In a sense, Jonah’s baptism marked the start of our journey together as a family, and we are grateful to have had Peter as our guide. It was an unforgettable day that lives with us every day.”

Kevin Voigt