God and Therapy

The Eye of God

“In awareness work, the most divine thing is exactly what is happening right now, in the moment, inside of you and in front of your nose. From the awareness viewpoint, change is inherent in all life, you don’t have to work at it, change brings itself about.”
Arnold Mindell Ph.D, Deep Democracy of Open Forums

Welcome to an evening to share and talk about where spirituality and therapy overlap. For some people they are separate worlds, yet increasingly they cross over and inspire each other. It is the qualities that underlie psychotherapy, though, which appear to be the most applied spirituality. Qualities such as compassion, openness to the new, non-judgementalism and acceptance. The world of dreams and myth can influence our daily life and speak to our deeper yearnings to feel the presence of the divine.

Therapy brings up lots of questions as to contemporary spirituality. How does God speak to us? How do we incorporate the numinous into our worldview? Are we open to all of ourselves, including the parts of ourselves we don’t like? Can we be compassionate with the parts of ourselves that we struggle with such as being unforgiving, anger, jealousy?


7 April 2014, 7 – 9pm


Shakti Healing Circle
701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy,
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2521 5099