Finding yourself in Hong Kong

It only takes a visit away to remember just how unique Hong Kong is, and what a vibrant energy it has. Underneath the successful ‘work hard, play hard’ bustle and bubble of Hong Kong lies another world of struggle known and unknown to each of us in differing degrees. The recent occupy movement has shown a new HK emerging with greater diversity. What are the flip sides of our ease, freedom and opportunity that we have in our city? What are the pressures of life here which filter through to affect our emotional and spiritual lives as well at times as our health. This will be an evening to explore all sides of living in our city, including the dreamscape of Hong Kong.


Peter Lloyd is in his 6th year of studying Process Oriented Psychology in the UK and has a private practice in Hong Kong. He is also an interfaith minister, Findhorn Fellow and former editor of Positive News Hong Kong and Holistic Hong Kong and author of ‘Spiritual and Alternative Hong Kong’. He was born and brought up in HK.

Process Work takes the basic premise that all disturbances have meaning, and is founded on principles from Jung, Taoism, Shamanism and Quantum Physics. It’s especially well known for its work on conflict resolution, deep democracy, myths and dreams, rank and its effect on others amongst many other aspects.

For more info:

Tel: 2982 2807


Date: 23 May 7 – 9pm

Venue: Club O, Mongkok, Kowloon. Translation into Cantonese will be provided.


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