Finding Jewels in the Midst of Challenges

Two nights ago I dreamt that i was at an ATM, and my pin code was rejected because ‘I was not loyal to the CCP’. I noticed other cards in my wallet and then woke up.

Hong Kong is going through so much turmoil right now. For some of us this is spilling over into our lives; into our feelings, bodies, dreams and psyches. It’s not always easy to separate what is personal and what is part of the city’s collective issues. The change has been so sudden that we may just need time to catch up with all that is happening. Join us to take the time to stop, to be with and welcome what we are feeling and look for the seeds of the new wishing to flower that may be underneath that is going on. Lets give some space to all of ourselves We may not find answers, but there is a power in being true to oneself. After my dream, i realised I may have lost a card in the ATM but i had other cards and ways of connecting with Hong Kong

Peter Lloyd has spent 9 years training in Process Work, a therapeutic and awareness practice which sees that every disturbance has the seed of its evolution within it. He was born and has lived most of his life in Hong Kong, but lives now in Auroville, India. Process Work was developed by Dr Arnold Mindell out of his Jungian training and works with groups, body symptoms and our inner journey amongst many aspects. For more info:

Donations to the The Hong Kong Friends of Findhorn and Auroville Trust would be welcomed for this session. All donations support the work of both communities to create new ways of living in the world.

Maximum of 5 participants. The session will be in English.
April 13th HK time 8 – 9pm.

whatsapp +91 – 7598911669
To register:

Picture taken during Occupy HK in 2015.

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