Boarding Schools – not quite Hogwarts

The social privilege of boarding is psychologically double-edged: it both creates shame that prevents sufferers from acknowledging their problems, as well as unconscious entitlement that explains why ex-boarder leaders are brittle and defensive while still projecting confidence. Nick Duffell

Set up to run an empire, boarding schools are still here in 2015, still affecting thousands of children. With the promise of an elite upbringing, intellectual rigour and sporting prowess, boarding schools have remained popular and coveted for children. Some children thrive in this competitive environment. For others they suffer deep wounds that effect them for the rest of their lives. Abandonment, neglect, bullying and sexual abuse can occur with serious implications for adult lives. There is now a psychological term ‘boarding school school syndrome’. Survival strategies that got you through boarding school often stop being effective in adult life, and then understanding the deeper effects of being sent away help.
This is an evening to explore the varied experiences of boarding school and is for those who want to explore their school pasts or just listen to others. It’s also for parents who wish to find out more about boarding schools. To shine a bit of light on something thats not usually talked about.

Tel: 2982 2807

Date: 23 November, 2015, 7 – 9pm

Venue: Shakti Healing Circle: 701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central. Tel: 2521 5099.

$100 to cover rental costs.

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