A Gender Agenda

Men and Women

Blue or Pink? Man or Woman? A Gender Agenda?

Welcome to an evening to explore and share with each about gender. Is there such a thing as masculinity? Or femininity? If so, what are those male or female qualities? Are they universal? Are we programmed to behave as our perceived idea of how our gender behaves? There is so much pressure on us whether cultural or internalized within us to be a certain way, to emote in certain ways, to relate to anger or sensitivity in particular fashions that sometimes we can miss our own nature. Depending on interest in this evening we will also explore topics including the legacy of patriarchy, whether gender identity affects sexuality (or vice versa), the recent decision by Germany to identify a third ‘intersex’ for those of no gender, or how our views of gender affects us as parents.

“Gender uncertainty opens up a world of human experience, not male experience or female experience. It means as humans we are unlimited in our capacity and interest in being whole, not being split in a gender category that defines us…”
—Dawn Menken, PhD, “Raising Parents: Raising Kids”

“Take it like a man, don’t cry, don’t cry.
Take it like a man, hold your head up high.
Sure she broke your heart, when she said goodbye,
But you, you gotta take it like a man.”

—song by Walker brothers

“My experience informs me that there are certain feelings that are supported for boys, and others more for girls. Girls are still discouraged from expressing anger and being direct. Girls still receive the message early on to be ‘nice’ to accommodate, and to not hurt others. Boys get less support to show sensitive feelings, tenderness, and still get the message that crying is weak.”
—Dawn Menken, PhD, “Raising Parents: Raising Kids”


12 September 2014, 7 – 9pm


Shakti Healing Circle,
701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy,
Tel: 25215099


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